Bearland Paradise Resort in Iloilo


  • We had a great experience at the resort! Perfect amenities and the Carbonara tastes divine! Too bad they ran out of Bacon and Cheese Pasta before we could order our second plate, it was delish too!

    Madel Malacaman - Walk-In

    Bearland Resort is the best resort in the Philippines! Absolute paradise.

    Danielle Cecilia Scolaro - Walk-In

  • A relaxing stress relieving view over looking the sea and guimaras island

    Nelson Jabasa Yoro - Walk - In

    Bearland paradise resort very nice place all the staff is also nice and smiling person. The resort is very clean.

    Ernesto Igbaras - Walk - In

  • Linens were clean, crisps, fresh and surroundings smells like flowers..Pool water is clean! A place to go to relax/unwind!❤️A little pricey but it is worth it.

    Argel Kent Duran Acupinpin - Walk - In

    The Pool is very nice and great idea to put the restobar beside the pool and having a chair literally at the pool, i like it. Receptionist is very nice and polite, Thank you so much!

    Jianah Javier - Walk - In

  • I don’t normally make reviews but this place deserves 10 stars. Scenic landscape, great food at affordable prices, very customer-oriented. Before we left, we were already making plans for our next visit.

    Kukie Zarandin-Armada - Walk - In

    The place was just great. The staff, excellent. It was as if we owned the place. Very accommodating people. I appreciate the people who assisted us when we rented a jet ski. The price is surprisingly affordable.

    Margarita Cristina - Walk - In

  • We love the place! Great amenities, especially the poolside bar, you’ll feel the sense of being one with nature privately I was so amazed! They have friendly, knowledgeable staffs, clean restrooms, everything works functionally and effectively on its own. Indeed I am inlove with Bearland Paradise Resort

    MacMac Biyombo - Walk In

    “My girlfriend & were travelling through Pinay & had a fantastic stay at Bearland (one of the best stays on our trip!) What stood out was the great service & very attentive staff. We stayed at the Cabana room – highly recommended! Do note that their restaurant was not open yet when we were there (due to be opened in July), but it wasn’t a big deal!”

    Yozaurious - Hotel Room #1


  • Oct

    OktoBEARfest 2016 Event Time: 4:00 PM - 12:00 MN / Event Location: Amphitheater & Infinity Pool Area

    OktoBEARfest 2016

    Each year we host our Bearland’s traditional “OktoBEARfest” or what we call October Bearland Festival, but this years was one of the best! It w

  • Dec

    Bearland Zumba Event Time: 03:30PM - 05:00PM / Event Location: Bearland Paradise Resort - Tan Pael Subdivision, Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines 5021

    Join us this Sunday —6th of December 2015 for ZUMBA.
    Come join Zumba instructor from Iloilo for an hour plus of non-stop booty shakin’ fun and fitness.

  • Oct

    OctoBEARfest 2015 Event Time: 07:00PM - 11:30PM / Event Location: Bearland Paradise Resort - Tan Pael Subdivision, Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines 5021

  • Oct

    Octobearfest 2014 Event Time: 6:00 PM / Event Location: Bearland Paradise Resort

    Willkommen to Octobearfest 2014

    Walkway to the Biergarten

    Food Stand with German food menu.

  • May

    Bearland Boot Camp 2014 Event Time: 7AM / Event Location: Tigbauan, Iloilo, PH

    Bearland Paradise Resort invites you to end your Summer on a healthy note.

  • Apr

    Bearland Beach Party 2014 Event Time: 12PM / Event Location: Tigbauan, Iloilo, PH

    On April 12th, 2014, Bearland Paradise Resort opened it’s doors to the first of its kind Beach Party in Iloilo.