Event Time: 4:00 PM - 12:00 MN / Event Location: Amphitheater & Infinity Pool Area

OktoBEARfest 2016

Each year we host our Bearland’s traditional “OktoBEARfest” or what we call October Bearland Festival, but this years was one of the best! It was a fun and exciting event filled with awesome games, music and people. Overall, it was a successful event and (not to mention our 2 months of planning) it’s all worth it! Thank you to everyone who joined us, our amazing sponsors and the bearland production.

  Instagram OktoBEARfest 2016 – frame designed by Jeff Monguez


  Oktobearfest 2016 Moments

Event Inquiries | Sponsorships: ktfontanillas@bearlandresort.co